mardi 30 octobre 2007

Hi! Blogger!
This week in my TV journal my name is Samantha.
My new boy friend, Jerry, is a actor. I think is preferable that he said at its fan’s « I am single». Is it my decision, but after he said this at the TV, I am very affect and I kiss a other boy in a ‘’scary’’ bar!
At the morning of this day, my friend Carrie learned she doesn’t have boy friend, because her boy friend wrote at a ‘’post it’’ « I don’t can ». She is very sad and she join me in the ‘’scary’’ bar.Charlotte and Miranda are also present, Charlotte announce her marriage and Miranda is so happy because she have lost weight.

After me and my friends have finished at this bar, Carrie decided to smoke marijuana but one car of police is there and she is arrested. The policeman decided to release Carrie when she explain why she doesn’t have boy friend. Finally, I decided to said at Jerry that I don’t like he said ‘’my single’’ just for her career.

lundi 24 septembre 2007

This week at Sex and the City, Carrie and her friends was very surprise when an other friend, Bobby, announced her marriage with a woman! Bobby had a reputation, he are homosexual!
Miranda was very tired and she had a sexual relation with the father of her son. This moment had very disturbed by this. Samantha organised a party before the marriage at the house of Richard, her ex boy friend. Carrie was met a men and she had destructed this new relation because she talk any time about her ex boy-friend. Charlotte was very disappointed at the marriage because her boyfriend are Jew and he would liked only a Jew woman.

mardi 11 septembre 2007

I bloggers!
For my tv journal, I chose sex and the city because i like look this gender of television series and more sex and the city because each week have a new story whit the same four principals.

This series have four principals characters but one of this are more important, is it Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker). She are a journalist of New York Star and all article talk about the relationship between boys and girls. She are a fashion victim and Carrie are not capable too are a stable relation whit one boy.
Carrie have three best friends, Charlotte York (kristin Davis), Samantha Jones (kim cattrall) and miranda hobbes (Cynthia Nixon).
Charlotte are a young women very romantic, the ultimate target is marriage and children. She work in a art gallery and she are a very romantic person.
Samantha are a professional women. She don't love only one boy, she love all boys but all boys and only for one night. She are not believer with men, only with her best friends.
Miranda are a lawyer with the big perceptive. She have a lot trouble with boys and she are not capable sameting her best friends.

mercredi 29 août 2007

hello, my name is Marie!
I have create this blog for my english cours because we have one projet: tv journal on our favorite tv serie. Is it my mission for this session! My english are not very well but I would like you understand when a will write a new message on my blog.